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November 17, 2010


Sam Kimbrel


What good is it for the economy to recover slightly faster if we don't have a planet capable of sustaining us to enjoy the recovered economy on?

Sam Kimbrel

And why didn't you quote the real juicy bits of what Mr. Gilder (what a hilariously appropriate name for the author of this article!) had to say?

Republicans may delude themselves that the U.S. can undertake a costly, inefficient and disruptive transformation of the energy economy, estimated by the International Energy Agency to cost some $45 trillion over 40 years, while meeting our global military challenges and huge debt overhang. But the green campaign wastes scarce and precious technological and entrepreneurial resources indispensable to the nation's future. Now it is debauching America's most precious venture assets. It must be defeated, not appeased.

This guy essentially comes out swinging in favor of climate-change denialism. Are you really throwing in with them against something that virtually every earth scientist in the world says is among the biggest problems facing the human race today?

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