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July 29, 2009


Jim Ramsey

If you don't already have the live album "Seconds Out," I highly recommend it. It has fantastic versions of several of the songs on "A Trick of the Tail" and contains one of my favorite opening moments of any live album when you hear the drummer (Chester Thompson, I think) count in the first song and then "Squonk" starts. It sounds really cool.

Chris Alden

Thanks Jim. But being a 30 year plus Genesis maniac I have every album of theirs there is to own :). I love "Seconds Out" -- the Afterglow and Firth of Fifth tracks especially.

Jim Ramsey

Awesome! In that case, here's a fun question: is "Illegal Alien" the worst song ever by a great band?

Chris Alden

Well, it would definitely get my vote -- though it may be tied with almost every track on Calling All Stations...

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